Have you seen the Dasani Bins across the country?

If you see them, they are trying to take the highest advantage of the empty bottle to remanufacture new ones. Therefore, Dasani will pick them up and transport them to the manufacturing plant for a new cycle product. The action of the collection and transportation is well known as reverse logistics.

Specifically, reverse logistics is part of supply chain management in which a company collects and reuses some part of their distributed goods. Typically, a traditional supply chain network will create the strategy consumer oriented. Reverse logistics has the purpose to reach the company with its backward path, centered on the material reusing.

The main benefits of applying this strategy could be divided on two sections:

ECONOMIC: Recovering material for providing a second life cycle is an excellent way of creating a different source income. Either for remanufacturing a component for being part of a new product or simply recycling the raw material for creating new goods.

The returns are another aspect related to the reverse Logistics. Specifically, with the E-commerce Boom, now is mandatory from companies to provide a real solution for customers if items once delivered need to be returned.

There is an economic benefit considering trucks are always transporting goods, avoiding empty spaces, and optimizing earnings. Besides, this will help significantly to improve the company reputation on the market, gradually translating into higher revenues.

SUSTAINABLE: This benefit is intricately linked to the economic one considering, the more product is recovered, the more will start a second life cycle and prevent it from being thrown away; causing a long-term benefit to the environment.

At FR8Hub we have a logistics solution that can support, through an application with more than 1700 carriers, in an efficient way in reverse logistics.